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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Of Goosebumps, Dizziness, and Hypersensitive Children.

So I have determined that my eldest has hyper-sensitivity issues. Not a “disorder,” but an extreme sensitivity to pain and textures. Lately, she has refused to wear jeans because they hurt her belly and pinch her thighs, even though they are definitely large enough. So I have indulged her and purchased khakis or stretch pants for now.

The last few days she has been getting goosebumps. The first time it happened she was warm as toast in her fleece sweat suit, but she was covered in goosebumps. No fever, no draft in the room – it makes no sense. Now, a normal child would probably grab a blanket and cover up and be done with it. Not my sensitive one. She had to cry and call me. This has happened at least four times in the last week – unexplained goosebumps that bother her enough that she has to point out to us.

I just called the nurse and they didn’t have any “red flags” from the goosebumps, but they did say I can “bring her in” if she is really bothered by it or if I am worried.

I don’t want to be “that” mom who is always bringing in her kids. I often feel like I am.

And when you have a hyper sensitive child, it’s hard to know when an issue is a real issue, or when they are just being sensitive. I don’t want to change her, but when there is something going on it’s hard to tell. Like she fell yesterday and has a NASTY bruise on her knee (landed right on a rock) and she will limp like crazy, then run the next second, so it’s hard to know if that’s really hurting as bad as she says.

Then, she has been waking up dizzy – at least three times this week. Dizzy and cranky. Usually after she eats it gets better, so I chalked it up to blood sugar. Well, I mentioned that to the nurse on the phone, and she said a four year old shouldn’t be having such a drop in blood sugar that she gets dizzy, and that they would be concerned about the dizziness. She didn’t say I have to take her in, but she did say it is a concern. So if it happens again I will take her in, I have decided.

But see, these kids are also very badly due for a chiropractic adjustment. Usually this crankiness goes away after a trip to the chiro. But we don’t have the funds for a trip to the chiro right now, so I have been putting it off. I don’t prefer to go to the pediatrician until I have ruled out an alignment issue.

All of these dilemmas are exasperated by the fact that she’s so sensitive! Tim thinks I worry too much. Maybe I do. But I don’t want to miss something that is wrong and can or should be fixed. Not sure why I’m writing it all, just to get it off my chest I guess.

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