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Monday, November 15, 2010

Potential PRegnancy Post

Well, it has been about two weeks since I first got the positive test. Ok, well, maybe a week and a half. It's been a long week and a half since Tim asked me not to tell until we were more sure!

I went in today for a routine appointment with my OB, but since I was there I mentioned the positive test. During the exam I had some pain she thought was odd, and I was explaining some other pain I was having. She opted to do an ultrasound. I was excited. According to my calculations I should be about 6 weeks, and at that time they can often see the heartbeat via an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was inconclusive. They didn't see much at all, except the potential for a gestational sack.

My doctor is concerned about a possible etopic pregnancy. So I had blood drawn and will return Wednesday for another blood draw. If my levels are doubling nicely, then that means I am most likely pregnant and just not as far along as I thought. If my numbers are not doubling nicely it is possible it is an etopic pregnancy, which is potentially life threatening. She didn't say what the steps would be after that. I know what the traditional line of thinking is on etopic pregnancies, and that is the removal of the pregnancy.

I don't know what ot think or feel. Regardless of what is going on inside me, it is more waiting. I am not good at waiting.

I am writing this all down and not telling many people. When I miscarried about three years ago, it was hard to tell everyone after telling them I was pregnant. I don't want to cause my family undue stress as they are going through a stressful time. If it is etopic, the good news is we are o nteh right path of figuring it out before it ruptures and creates an emergency situation. If it is a baby, then I am very happy, although a bit surprised and wondering what will happen in several areas that were the cause of us waiting a little longer.

Please, next three days, pass quickly!

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