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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Cuteness

(Sharing some sister snuggles before Mommy and Daddy got up)

My kids constantly crack me up. This is the first holiday ever that we did not have family to go to. It was strange, but also nice. Growing up once we moved away from California, holidays were almost always just us. While I would have preferred not to have the circumstances that forced us to stay home and would have loved spending time with Tim's sister and family, today was nice.

(Miss M said, "More?" at this point - she wasn't so sure about the way the tree looked :) )

Our plan: Buffet restaurant for lunch, Thanksgiving craft, putting up the tree, watching Toy Story 3. I am happy to announce all were accomplished.

At the restaurant, my kids pigged out. They haven't been to many buffets, since mommy finds it silly to spend that much money on food when you can't take home your leftovers, but they loved being able to pick and choose what they ate.

(Can I just say she looks way too grown up all of a sudden? Love this kid)

But the cuteness came later. Before we sat down to the movie, we did a video chat with my family. My grandma, who is now living with my parents, has this little tiny dog she was holding in her lap. Just last week, Miss M and I went to the mall. They have a puppy store there, and the worker was gracious enough to let us get out a puppy and take it in the little stall where you can play with them. As soon as Miss M saw the tiny dog, she sat down and said "my blap" (lap) and patted her lap. She wanted to hold that little dog. It was very cute.

(Helping Daddy)

We then watched Toy Story 3. I will have to say that Movie Night for the mom of littles is not relaxing. I had to go upstairs to get drinks, chapstick, popcorn, potty brakes, you name it. I was very thankful I had already seen the movie. But Miss N loved it, and I guess that's what matters.

If you have seen TS3, you know that at the end, Andy, the boy who owns the toys, leaves for college. His mom gets a little teary when she sees his room all empty. At this point, I could tell Miss N was feeling some of the emotion in the movie. She was really into the entire thing, in spite of its length.

She snuggled close to me for a hug, which I of course obliged. Then she said, "But mommy, I don't want to leave you. I want to stay with you forever!"

Even at four, she understood the sentiment of the movie. I held her close and assured her that she could stay with me as long as she needed to. Then she said, "I love you so much mommy."

I needed that. I haven't been the mom I want to be this past week. Miss N has sensed that for sure, and I'm sure Miss M has too. It's good to know they still love me, even when I am not at my most "loveable." And it melted my heart to know that she wants to stay with me forever. I know that will change, and I know that at some point she will enter the dreaded Junior High years when mom knows nothing, but for now, I will cherish the fact that she loves her mommy and wants to be with me.

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2 Little Gals 3 Little Pals said...

So happy to hear that you all had a good Thanksgiving!! You are still in my prayers, and I'm hoping everything turns out well at the dr.
I laughed when I read the part about Megan saying "more?" So funny!!
Natalie's such a sweetie! When we watched TS3, Elijah started crying at the part where the toys are on the dumpster and the baby doll starts crying. It broke my heart! Isn't it amazing when they start connecting with things like that?
Anyway, hope the rest of your weekend is fun and relaxing!! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!