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Saturday, March 19, 2011

T-Tapp Week 4

This week on T-Tapp I was not feeling very confident. I was retaining water, and if you are a lady reading this you will understand, and we'll just leave it at that.

So here is my result: I lost 8 inches and gained 1/2 inch in two areas, the lower abdomen and one arm, for a net loss of 7 inches. This puts my total net loss in 4 weeks at 29 1/2

Here is what confuses me a little. That is a lot of loss, but I'm still in the same clothing size? But then I realized, there are 14 measuring sites, which means that the loss is spread over the entire body. Also, my clothes are fitting better - I think before I started T-Tapp I was squeezing myself into my clothes. Some are getting loose - one pair of workout shorts was falling off last week!

There's also something called "fat shift" that happens with T-tapp, according to the trainers I met on the forum. Before the fat is burnt off, it has to make room for the muscle. So, I have had some gains in my upper belly while losing 4 inches in my lower belly, so that affects things.

I cannot wait to see what the next week brings! Once I get my tax bill paid, I plan to get the treadmill out and alternate running/walking with T-Tapp. We are going to KC next Friday, and you know what's beautiful about this workout? I can take it with me!

I know several people who have purchased T-Tapp because of my posts. I HIGHLY recommend spending some time on the forum here. This is the fastest place to get questions answered, and lovely T-Tapp trainers and successful T-Tappers are on there daily to answer them and encourage you. Please, check out the forum before you jump in - there is so much about this program that I don't know how to explain!

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Trisch said...

WOO-HOO on the inches lost!

And as I explained on the forums--I went through a 6 month time where I lost 40+ inches, but no sizes! Then over the next 3 or so months, I only lost 7 inches, but then lost 2 sizes! I guess it all comes out in the end! ;)

I've also lost off the lower abs only to gain some in the waist--or my buns lift and then the ab measurement goes up!

It's a process, and as you said, we're measuring from all over, not just one place.

Keep up the great work! And I definitely second your advice to get on the forums--I credit being on the forums for helping me stay consistent over 4 years--and to go from a 22W to an 8!


~Trisch (BlessedMama on the T-Tapp forums)