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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sisters Forever

Lately, I have been noticing signs that my two girls really do love one another and are becoming friends. We have our fair share of sibling rivalry and days when I throw my hands up in surrender thinking I am raising worst enemies. Then, I get little glimmers into what life with a sister can really be like.

This week Miss N got her first minor scraped knee of the season. I was doctoring it up because it was pretty dirty, and she was crying pretty hard. Miss M went and got her a toy of some sort and patted her on the back. "Thanks (sob) Miss M, (sob), You're my BEST friend." was the response. in the midst of the tears, this mommy's heart was melting. I told her, "That's right, and your sister is a friend who will always be part of your life." She will soon enough know the temporary heartache that comes from "best friends" who move to a new school after the school year, I fear, with the upcoming end of preschool and start of kindergarten.

There was another time that Miss N was crying over something, and Miss M came over and hugged her, "It Otay, Na-Na."

One day this week we went to the park with friends. I watched as Miss N, for the beginning of our time there, chose her sister as her primary playmate. While I wanted and encouraged her to play with her friends, it warmed my heart to see that she chose to play with her sister, rather than push her away.

Finally, and I cannot remember the reason for this one, there was one time when Miss N gave M an unsolicited hug and spouted, "SISTERS FOREVER!" So incredibly sweet.

I have been trying to build this relationship by giving them ample time to play unsupervised, so they are not vying for my attention. It seems to be working. I think the fact that Miss M is becoming more and more clearly vocal is also helping. Regardless, I am thrilled to see a relationship developing between my girls. The sisterhood I never experienced is a blessing to watch in my home. I pray that this will be a lifelong relationship that will continue to grow and develop so they truly are the best of friends. They are 2 years, 4 months apart in age - I do think it's possible, don't you?

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2 Little Gals 3 Little Pals said...

I'm sure they'll be best friends when they get older. I have 2 older sisters who I consider 2 of my closest friends. We talk all the time, about anything and everything. And they're 10 and 11 years older than me! A sisterly bond is something that will always be there, even if they're fighting. And they are still young. They'll understand and appreciate each other as sisters one day. You just watch. :)

Angee said...

So sweet to see their bond grow. I pray that my girls grow up to be best friends.

Fancy Fonts said...

I hope it's possible, as my girls are 2 years, 8 months apart. I could have written that post myself...those sweet moments that happen when you least expect them are so incredible!