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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big Day

"Mommy, I want to get something for Mrs. C for her birfday. A radio."

This came out of the blue in the car one day. I have learned with this child not to brush off things like this because she's usually been thinking about it for a while. (Mrs. C is the much-adored K4 teacher.)

"A radio? Why? Is this something she wants?"

"Yes, because hers is broken. The top is broken off and we have to get Miss Melissa's radio to listen to music and sometimes we can't listen to the fishie song. So she needs one."

"Do you know when her birthday is?"

"No. Maybe you should ask her."

Finding out was easy enough, since the birthday list was posted on the wall. There are a lot of birthdays this month! The next step was finding out if there was a CD player that was within the teacher gift buying budget. There was. Miss N was soooo excited when we found it.

She was also worried too, "Mommy, I hope no one else gets Mrs. C a radio, or that she opens mine first. Do you think I can ask her to open mine first? I don't want her to not like it if she gets another one."

I was fairly certain there would not be another CD player, but I assured her that if there were, Mrs. C could return our CD player and get something else that was nice for the classroom. I knew what store it came from and could tell her.

Since the teacher's birthday was on the first day of the month and Miss N has a calendar she received from her aunt, she knew it was today. She bounded out of her room this morning (normally we have to wake her up on school days) and announced, "Today's the big day Mommy!"

"What big day?"

"You know, it's Mrs. C's Birfday! I can't wait to give her the radio. Do you think someone else got her a radio?"

We stashed the radio and card in the backpack, and off she went to school. I wished I could have been a fly on the wall to see her give it to her teacher because she was so very excited. When I came later to the class it was out of the box and in use, so I assume there was not another CD player given. :) As a former teacher, I was glad to be able to brigthen a teacher's "birfday" a little bit too.

I love this kid, and I hope she is always sensitive to the needs and desires of those around her!

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