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Saturday, March 12, 2011

T-Tapp Week 3

I had a slight gain in my abdomen (1/4 inch) which could be related to water retention (sorry, TMI)

Lost 8 inches total, with tremendous 2-inch loss in the lower abdomen (the extra flab/skin from pregnancies resides there). This one I have visibly noticed this week.

Total for 3 weeks is 22 3/4 inches of net loss. Oh, and I gave up pop, and that probably has helped too. Let me tell you, Hoedowns work wonders for hte mid afternoon slump that typically sent me for the caffeine.

When I was exercising last night, my shorts did NOT want to stay on.

I also FINALLY lost a little in my thighs and calves - not much in the calves, but loss is loss and I am learning it all adds up.

I cannot mention enough how thankful I am to have found T-Tapp. So, plan is one more week of T-Tapp only, then probably anohter week or so since we will be headed to KC soon, and when we return adding back in running/walking as long as my knee will allow. With T-Tapp from what I understand you have to be careful about over training because of the comprehensiveness of the workout, but I should be safe if I stick to the shorter workouts on non-running days.

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Trisch said...

Just wanted to congratulate you again on your inch loss!

Also, make sure you are doing the skin brushing--I've lost 12 inches off my abs but have no hanging skin! It's not smooth and perfect, but I am thrilled to not have a lot of extra skin to deal with!

Your 1/4 gain can also be fat shifting around. I remember when I lost a lot off my lower abs only to gain a "muffin" at the top! :p All a part of the process, I guess!

You're doing great! Keep up the good work!


~Trisch (BlessedMama from the T-Tapp Forums)