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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best of Friends

My two girls really are the best of friends, and I love it! We have our moments (don't all siblings?) but if you get right down to it, they love each other deeply.

On Saturday we were playing in the leaves. The first time Tim threw N in, she sunk down past her head. She thought it was hilarious, but M was so upset about losing her sister! I thought it was so sweet how concerned she was.

Sunday night N was not feeling well so we let her stay home. I had nursery duty in the morning service so I took M to church so I could hear some preaching, and Tim stayed home with N so she could rest. When we got home the first thing M did was run to her sister for a big hug!

This morning after everyone got up and got the grumpies from first thing in the morning out of the way, they went skipping down the hall holding hands to help each other pick out fits.

I love moments like this! I remember wishing for boys, with both of my pregnancies, but I am so thrilled to be raising sisters and best friends!

M recently asked me where the baby was going to sleep, and I explained that N and M would be moving into N's room with bunk beds, and the baby would sleep in the nursery. Neither one was excited about this. Normally I would worry, and I am thinking the first few days or weeks of the transition will be tough, but honestly, I think this will be really good for them!

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