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Friday, November 4, 2011


This is a bit of a hodgepodge post.

Today. . .

My children got up from quite time, watched a short video, then played dollhouse. Dollhouse consisted of of setting up scenes and taking pictures of them using their kid tough camera.

My oldest helped me pick up toys with a happy spirit, willingly asking, "what should I pick up next mom?"

We went outside to get some fresh air. I contemplated how far I want them to be able to go - if they can only ride their bikes in the driveway, how will they learn?

We came inside and they sat and colored and played with stickers while I fixed supper.

Now, they have sheet music out and are singing along with a Sunday School songs CD. They think they are reading music.

These are the things I want to remember on my blog.

Miss N is learning so much in kindergarten and loving every minute of it! Every day she is more than happy to show me what she has learned. I love it! I am not really sure who her "best friends" are going to be. It seems she plays with just about everyone. Where on earth are we going to have her birthday party?

Miss M is also learning a lot. I hear she is very quiet at school, but she comes home singing all sorts of songs about letters and numbers. She has learned how to write "A," "E," and "F." Interestingly, her behavior at home has improved tremendously since she started school. I really struggled with putting her in K3 because I did not with Miss N, but it was the right decision. She loves it and is doing great!

I am so thankful for their teachers. I can tell that both of them love my girls. It makes me so happy to send them to a school where their individual personalities are appreciated and cultivated. I was worried about Miss M because she can be a handful and you have to really appreciate her, but her teacher does. I love it!

Miss N funnies:

The other night we were talking about something and the name of a friend from church came up. This gal has a daughter who is newly in college. Miss M asked who she was, and I said, "She is so and so's mommy." Miss N piped up and said, "No, she's not her mommy anymore because she went to college."

Miss M Funnies:

This morning I was leaving and Miss M wanted to know where I was going. I told her I was going to the chiropractor. She likes going ot the chiropractor because she gets a sticker and an organic lollipop when she is done. She instantly grabbed her lower back and said, "My back huwts so bad!" She didn't fool me, she just got adjusted a few days ago :)

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