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Monday, November 14, 2011

Watch Your Language!

This is a general service announcement.

If you are the type of person who feels it is OK to use vulgar words in public, including f-bombs and such, you have a responsibility to determine whether or not there are small children standing directly next to you before you do.

If you decide to drop an f-bomb and those children happen to be mine, I will say something.

This momma does not appreciate hearing people curse around my babies.

I do not care if someone dented your car. I do not care if you are angry. I do not care. They are innocent children and you have no business talking like that in front of them.

Thank you,

Upset momma.

(I cannot believe how many people have no qualms about swearing in front of their children. It makes me so sad. However, should you choose to swear in front of mine, I will stand up for them.)

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Anonymous said...

You go girl- stick up for those babies and keep them innocent as long as you can- I love you