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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Laughing at the Dinner Table

Last night I was laughing so hard I nearly snorted my roll!

Before I get into the story, here is a little setup. We have one child who is particularly interested in saying the word "poopie." I decided I did not want her saying this word all of the time, so I have tried to be consistent in saying that it is a word to be used in the bathroom.

Last night this child had to use the bathroom during dinner. If you have been to our house then you know that we can see the bathroom from our dinner table. She went in and was sitting on the potty proudly proclaiming "poopie! poopie! poopie!" Daddy told her she needed to finish and come back to the table and stop saying poopie, to which she replied "But I in the bafroom, so it OK say poopie!"

Then, she shut the door. "You can't see me! Poopie! Poopie! Poooooooopeeeeeeeee!"

She continued to say the beloved word and giggle her head off for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, we were all, big sister included, cracking up. Who knew a forbidden word could be so much fun!

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