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Thursday, February 2, 2012

24 weeks

Baby News: My c-section has been officially scheduled for May 17, provided we can keep all complications at bay. So mark your calendars - ha!

How far along?
24 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yep. And some are starting to not cover my belly. Sigh, the joys of having a long torso while pregnant.

Sleep: Lots lots better. Not sure what the insomnia was all about but I am glad it is gone.

Best moment this week: Swelling went away!!!!!

Movement: Still very active.

Gender: She's a girl!

Labor Signs: No way!

What I miss: Nothing really this week.

What I am looking forward to: Picking a name. We need to get on this.

Weekly Wisdom: Sometimes, it is best not to rush to the doctor when your kid is sick, no matter how hard it is!

Milestones: In the most technical sense of the word, I believe we are now considered viable.

Complications Update: So, the doctor upped my prescription again at my last appointment. It took me a few days to remember to take it properly, but then I started feeling incredibly dizzy. If I stood up, I would nearly pass out, yet when I took my bp it was normal. After a few days of this and one really bad day I called them and they are lowering the dose. At my appt. yesterday it was only 110/70, which is really low for me, even on the lower dose. Part of me wants to lower it again for myself, but I don't have confidence to do this without the doctor's oversight. I hate all of this playing with meds - my baby's life is dependent on getting this right! Waiting for another high-risk scan soon and another test this week to make sure my liver/kidneys are working properly.

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