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Sunday, February 12, 2012

25 Weeks

Ok, so I am late this week. It's been CRAZY around here. Doctor's appointments, pneumonia, stomach flu (both Miss M), and work work work have left little time for blogging, let alone energy for it!

Baby News: Got the official word that I have a 7:30 appointment to deliver baby on May 17. I kind of like knowing the day ahead of time. I am such a planner!

How far along? 25 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yep.

Sleep: Kids are not sleeping means mommy is not sleeping.

Best moment this week: The girls got to see my belly dancing. That's still pretty rare at this stage but they got to see it. Miss M is fascinated by where the baby's parts are and asks me all the time where her head, feet, ears, etc. are. I was glad to have had a scan Monday so I knew the answer. I know where the baby is (in my belly) but I am not good at figuring out positions.

Movement: Still very active.

Gender: Confirmed Monday that she is for sure female.

Labor Signs: Nope

What I miss: Sleep.

What I am looking forward to: ?

Weekly Wisdom: ? It's been survival mode this week.

Milestones: Definitely in viability mode!

Complications Update: So, I had a growth scan Monday and she is "on track" the nurse said. She was clearly sucking her hands/thumb and that was so sweet. I also had a more complex test this week to test for proteins and sugars in my urine, and that came back clear. So, all in all, things are where they should be! Yeah!

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