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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's All About the Attitude

Up until about a year ago, discipline was fairly straightforward in this house. The child disobeyed, there was a consequence. The child obeyed, there was praise. Simple as that.

Now, it's all about the attitude. We get obedience, but it's with a tossed head, rolled eye, and a "FINE!" The sass is quite impressive, actually.

I know this is not biblical obedience, yet I struggle with the proper way to address the behavior. We have prayed, we have had heart to heart discussions, and we have been firm, but it is not making any headway. If anything, the problem is getting worse.
Ignoring it does not work either, as it just gets louder and more persistent.
Any seasoned mommies found a way to deal with attitude?

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