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Friday, February 3, 2012

Miss M Funnies

It's been a while since I have recorded some of the funny things my kiddos have said. Miss M is definitely in that stage at 3 1/2.

One of the cutest things she says is "bless you." Not when someone sneezes to be polite, but rather that is what she calls the sneeze. We were talking the other morning about covering our coughs, and she says, "And your bless yous?"

Part of what makes a conversation with Miss M so entertaining is the way she talks. She still doesn't quite have her pronouns right, and she has a very distinct way of saying things that is just her way.

The other day sister got her first behavior mark in school. She has been very proud of not getting any behavior marks, and she is so much like me I thought it would be devestating to her when it did happen, so I was very surprised she hadn't said anything to me. So, I asked about it. This was the conversation that followed:

Mommy: It says here you lost a snowflake. What happened?
Miss N: I was talking.
Mommy: Oh, I see.
Miss M: Natee, you need somefing, you raise your hand
Miss N: I didn't need something, I just couldn't hold it in!
Miss M: You talk out?
Miss N: Yeah, I talked out. I tried not to but it just happened! (she is very chatty so I am surprised she went this long without this problem!)
Miss M: You no talk out, my teacher say that. That naughty.

Ok, maybe it was only funny to me, but I was cracking up.

A few months ago we got this gem:

Miss M: Mommy, I's gots a best friend!
Mommy: Really? What's her name?
Miss M: Um, hers name is, I don't know!

She is very curious about the baby. From time to time she will look at me and say, "Yous gots a baby in your belly. Why yous gots a baby in there?"

She was, and sometimes still is, my challenging child in many ways, but she is so funny. I love her to pieces.

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