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Thursday, February 23, 2012

26/27 Weeks

Oops, missed a week! Tim's grandmother passed away this past week on February 17 at 93. We have enjoyed time with family looking back over a life well lived. I did not know her well, but after hearing stories about her I realize that she left an excellent legacy and I am thankful for her life. But, all of these events plus the sickness (it was N's turn and my turn this past week for the tummy flu) have left me with little blogging interest. So here's a double update :)

How far along?
27 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yep. And starting to outgrow some :(

Sleep: Starting to get a bit uncomfy.

Best moment this week: At the funeral yesterday, our niece played a violin solo. This baby does not respond to music the way her sisters did, but she went nuts when the violin was playing. She settled right down as soon as it stopped, too. Interesting.

Movement: Still very active. It is not bothering me, but I do find it interesting that my doctor has commented on how active she is at my last two appointments. So, I am thinking she will take after her younger older sister rather than her oldest sister. . .

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: Nope

What I miss: Sleep. Chalk it up to the dogs again this time, not sick kids, but it's been a while.

What I am looking forward to: Having my mom and MIL at my next ultrasound in early March.

Weekly Wisdom: Be careful what you discuss at my OB's office. The walls are paper thin. I had a very interesting time yesterday listening to another patient's appointment the next room over. Makes me wonder what other people overheard about me, especially when we had the tubal.

Milestones: No new ones to report.

Complications Update: Everything seems OK. The dizziness I was having was likely due to the pending stomach flu rather than blood pressure.

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