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Friday, September 23, 2011

Miss M Funnies

Miss M is certainly the little comedian. Here are a couple from just the last two days!

We were in the locker room at swimming lessons and Miss M was very interested in seeing all of the other ladies. Now, you need to understand that i am by no means a skinny-minnie. In fact, there is very much in that regard I would like to change, and my kids understand what a curvy woman looks like. Anyways, this woman comes out of the adult changing area in her bathing suit. She was very nice and was chatting with the girls. Then she goes over to wash her hands and Miss M says, "mommy, why dat lady got big butt?"

I wanted to crawl in a hole and laugh at the same time. I said, "Miss M, everybody's bodies are different." Then of course after the lady left (quite quietly) I told her, "If you want to ask a question about someone's body, please wait until we are in the car."

Then this morning I was telling her she could not wear her rain boots because yesterday she was packing them full of rocks. Then she said, "I frow rocks at boys heads and I frow rocks at girls heads. That funny!"

"That's not nice, your friends won't like that!"

"It funny mommy!"

"No, it's not funny."

"Miss C (the K4 teacher) like it, She say it funny."

Too much! I love this little girl so much. We are breaking through some of our stubbornness issues and she is becoming so much fun!

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