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A Day at the Park

We just enjoyed a visit with Tim's sister and her family. They are in transition from pastoring a ministry in one part of Wisconsin, and looking for another ministry. We went to a park here that has a carosel and duck pond, and it was great fun! Natalie was scared of the carosel, but she got over that when daddy took her on it! She was also very into walking, and did not want to be carried! She's getting quite good at walking! The problem is she has no concern about her clothes, so when she gets tired of walking she starts crawling through whatever dirt or grass she is standing on! Enjoy some pictures! Our little family! Me and my cousin Danelle on the Merry-Go-Round! Walking with my grandpa! I want to go again!


Natalie discovered grass today. It was so funny! She wouldn't put both feet down on the grass! In the picture, you can see that she was holding one foot up, and she stayed that way the entire time we were outside. She was totally thrilled with the "whirly birds" that our tree drops. She really loves being outside. Enjoy the pics!

This and That

Well, we are finally all healthy! The flu started in our home last Tuesday night. Apparently, Natalie was sick during the night, but never woke up. That was a mess! I was sure grateful that my parents were here so she could stay home while I went to school. Then I came down with it last Friday. Again, it was a huge blessing to have my family here to take care of Natalie. Then my dad came down with it, and finally today my hubby got it! But we are out of the woods, and I survived my daughter's first flu! School is crazy busy, but I am thankful that the kids are not nearly as squirly as they usually are this time of the year. I am facing the decision about whether or not I want to return next year. I make enough money writing that I don't have to, but I know I will miss teaching so much, so it is not an easy decision. So, for our biggest news - - Natalie took her first steps yesterday!!!! I was on the phone with a gal in our church who just had twins, and Natalie was holding onto