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Miss M is Four!

Four years (and one month) ago, God blessed us with this 10 lb. 4 oz bundle of energy. Miss M, one day old Miss M, one year old Miss M, two years old Miss M, three years old. Miss M, four years old On July 31, my middle child turned four. All of the commotion of the end of summer, getting her birthday party in, and then school starting and working like crazy have made me forget to do her birthday post. So, without further ado, here is a bit about Miss M. During her fourth year, she learned: Her letters and sounds How to whistle How to snap (these two are much to the displeasure of the bigger sister who cannot yet do them) How to face her fears of inflatable jumping houses and VBS Became a big sister, a roll she embraces with zeal Learned to pedal a bike Said a line in a school program, without tears! Miss M is a go getter. She knows what she wants, and she does not wait for permission or help to achieve