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Helping a Child Change Her Thinking

Miss N has been in a funk the last few days. I have been praying for insight about what it is and how I can help her out of it. Not sure I have found it yet, but we made some progress this morning and I learned something in the process. Today everything came to a head. We were in Target. I made it clear what we were doing at Target and that we were not buying any toys. Things were going well until we got to the checkout, where a beautiful princess Barbie was on display. Miss N decided she wanted it. I explained that I had not brought money for toys today, and she started whining and complaining. “You never buy me anything, I don’t want earrings (we were headed to the mall to buy them for her newly pierced ears). I just want this Barbie. She’s so pretty and I want her so bad!” You get the idea. To her credit, she was not throwing a fit. In fact, to others her behavior may have been “normal” or just a “phase,” but I am trying to teach her to be content with what she has and to

Made Me Smile

This conversation made me smile. Someone has been listening to the Bible verse songs we have on CD in the van. The context was after looking at a friend's ultrasound pictures on Facebook, and me trying to explain how the ultrasound worked in five-year-old terminology. Miss N: "Mommy, are you going to have any more babies?" Mommy: "I don't know, hun, I would like to, but that's really up to God." Miss N: "Oh, because he has to help you put the baby in your tummy?" Mommy: "Yep." Miss N: "Oh, because he FORMS them, He forms the babies, right mommy?" Mommy: "That's exactly right." Miss N: "Mom, why are babies all wet when they come out?" Upon further questioning I figured out that she knew babies were all wet from the picture in her baby book of just after she was born :)