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On Mommyhood and Teasing

"Mom, I'm not going to tell you who I played with today." My mommy radar goes up. "Oh really? Was it someone younger than you?" "Nope, it wasn't a girl at all." "Oh, was it a boy then?" "Yeah," Then comes a story of innocent teasing as is common with most children. It's nothing major. But it hurts. As she sits there, shoulders heaving with the effort of unloading, my mind races back. I'm in sixth grade. We're in line for the restroom. He stands a few people behind me in the boys' line. The cool guy. The cute one. "Nicole has a little horse, little horse, little horse. Nicole has a little horse, and oh she loves it so." He sings. Innocent? Maybe, but it was done in jest and it stung. I shrunk a little inside myself to keep from crying. I wanted to hide. The teacher didn't notice. I felt ashamed by my love for horses. "I just don't get it. I mea

Miss M (Has Been for a While) Is Five!

Five and a half years ago, God blessed us with this 10 lb. 4 oz bundle of energy. Miss M, one day old Miss M, one year old Miss M, two years old Miss M, three years old. Miss M, four years old Miss M, Age 5 In the midst of moving, first birthday parties and rental house prep, I just realized that I never did Miss M's fifth-birthday post. So here's to you Miss M, my big 5 (and a half) year old. At age 5, Miss M has conquered quite a few fears. She's getting more and more comfortable swimming, has conquered the fear of "real school" and even dealt with her first bully. That was an experience, let me tell you! This year, my sweet M has changed into one of the sweetest, most thoughtful children I know. While she has her moments, as any child does, I can count on her to be thinking in a sensitive way. She tears up when Pluto gets yelled at by Mickey Mouse on the TV, and worries about her family all the time because she loves them. T