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Life Goes On

Well, we are working on our fourth ear infection of the month, Natalie's second. We have never really had problems with them until this year. Not sure what I am doing wrong! Natalie was in a lot of pain and grabbed her ear and blurted out, "I think my bones fell out! Mommy, can you put them back in?" Where does she come up with these things? The temperament of of a preschooler seems to change in split seconds. This morning she was not happy with me over something, and was sitting on the couch crying "It's not fair!" Then, a few minutes later when I gave her something she wanted, she said, "I love you soooo much mommy!" We ate Arby's for dinner the other night, and the ham melt, which is what Natalie had, is dusted with sesame seeds. She asked what they were, and I told her. She instantly asked, "Do they grow on Sesame Street?" She never even watches that show! This is how she regularly sleeps, legs crossed and all! Megan is


Tonight we met Tim at our church for a picnic and playtime because he was working on the church's mowers. Natalie had a great time and even ate a lot. Megan wasn't so sure of the wind, but she chowed down on her cheerios. On the way home Natalie piped up "Mommy, we're best friends!" Can we say melt mommy's heart??? I love that kid. Today the neighbors two houses down from me had a house fire. It doesn't appear as though the house was too badly damaged, at least from the outside, but coming home to six fire trucks on your street was pretty interesting. Regardless, I am not so thankful that I have discovered couponing. I have a huge stash of "stuff" in the basement that I got for free or better (yes, better than free), and I will put together a little bag of goodies for them when they are able to return home (shampoo, soap, candles, etc.) I hurt for them because they lost their two dogs. The woman of the family is unable to have children so these

Daddy Is Smart!

Natalie's latest trick is holding it when we ask her to go potty before bed, and then needing to get out of bed 30 minutes after we tuck her in. I've been a bit stumped, because you can't really MAKE a kid go potty. Tonight she was sitting on the potty insisting that she didn't have to go. Well, daddy got a bright idea. Instead of fighting with her, he started tickling her, and she went. Boy did she go. I mean, if this were the Nile, it would be flooding. Oh, and she went #2 too. While we are on the potty train, I have been telling her that "butt" is a word we use in the bathroom. She is quite adament about describing her bottom accurately, and I don't really have a problem with that, but I also don't want her saying "butt" all of the time in public. She is obeying the rule well. Yesterday I was getting Megan out of the car and she was a tad stinky. I said, "You're a stinky butt!" and Natalie was sure to point out - "Mom

It's a Joke

Last night Tim was putting Natalie to bed. He was explaining to her that a lady was going to come look at our house today (the appraiser for our refinance). She asked "Is the lady mean?" and he replied, "no, she's a nice lady." Natalie responded with "Sometimes ladies are mean." Daddy: "This lady is a nice lady." Natalie: "Some ladies are mean." Daddy: "Most ladies are nice." Natalie: "Some ladies are mean." Daddy: "Ok, goodnight Natalie" As Tim was leaving, Natalie said, "Daddy, it's just a joke!" Oh, and Megan discovered the "Baby in the stove" today. That baby was Natalie's best friend for a few weeks when she found her at Megan's age.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Last night we were sitting down to eat and my sweet 3-year-old said, "Let's pray and seek God's help!" Cute, and yet oh so wise as well.

Happy Easter

We had a nice Easter with Tim's family, minus the ones in Michigan. I have pictures on facebook, but here is one of the girls together. Natalie is so funny! We've been fighting colds/ear infections. Natalie started it, then started feeling a little better around the time Megan got sick. Megan was fussing and Natalie asked "Why is baby megan crying?" Mommy: Megan caught your cold Nataile: That why I feelin' better, Momma - Megan catched my cold! She's had some pretty sweet moments with her sister lately. When Megan is fussing, Natalie will say "I know what will make her feel better - a great big hug!" and then deliver it. And you know what, it works! She is starting to be more sensitive to Megan and viewing her as a person, not a threat. I am glad. The other night she was playing doctor with daddy. She was giving him "Medicine." I asked what kind of medicine, and she without missing a beat said "Fiber!"