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I Cannot Believe

My baby is tall enough to look out our front window! Wow!

Thoughts on Motherhood

Yesterday was Mother's Day. My day wasn't the greatest, between not cooking dinner right and then burning myself pretty badly with it, it was a little rough. However, I spent some time reflecting on Motherhood at the end of the day. I want to share some thoughts with you. Without going into too much detail, I had to get up earlier than I wanted after a less than perfect night of sleep. We are going on almost nine months of not sleeping through the night (yes, we are trying to let her learn, but it is not working well, and she keeps getting sick. Anyone who can let a sick baby cry is stronger than I am). Last night it was Natalie's fault - she was fussing for something and woke Megan up, so I did nurse her back to sleep rather than listening to her scream. So I was hoping on Mother's Day that Tim would jump up with the kids and let me sleep as late as I wanted. That did not happen (in his defense, I have had several mornings recently that the kids slept late, and Sunday


Happy Spring Everyone! I had the girls' doctors appointment this week for the three year and nine month check ups. Here are their stats: Natalie: 36 3/4 inches tall, 31.8 lbs (35%, 50%) Megan: 30 inches tall, 25 lb. 1 oz (both above 97%) Other than the fact that one is a moose, they are both healthy girls and did a great job at the doctor! I was glad there were no shots needed! Tonight Natalie hit her head and was crying. I went to comfort her, and she said, "I want Dr. Pete to fix it!" (our chiropractor). I said, "Dr. Pete can't fix bonks." "I want Dr. Ortega to fix it." (our pediatrician). I replied, "He can't fix it either." She looked at me and said, "how 'bout the nurse?" Too funny! Megan is pulling up all over the place, crawling like a pro, and I have a feeling will be walking close to her first birthday. She has NO FEAR! She will fall, get hurt, cry, and then go right back to whatever it was she did that made h

Why Such a Struggle?

I love my children. I love them more than life itself, and I could not imagine life without them. Natalie's whit (yes, even at three) and intelligence amaze me, and Megan is always ready with a bright smile and those big, gorgeous blue eyes. Yet, why is it such a struggle to act lovingly towards them? The two people whom, other than Tim, I love most in this world, I find myself ragging on and griping with all day long. Why is that? Why is my flesh always seeming to win in this battle? They know how to push my buttons. Even the little one, who thinks it's funny when mommy cries. Why do I let them? Today I had to appologize to Natalie for getting mad when she was just being three. In the coming week, I want to focus on responding in a loving manner. As Mommy, I set the mood for my home. While Tim is the leader, I am the spirit of the home, since I am the one who spends most of the time here and with the children. I have let my own personal worries and stresses affect my childre