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My Little Piglet

While Tim and I haven't totally decided what we are going to do about the Halloween thing, we do think it's OK to get her dressed up. She didn't cooperate well for her pictures, but here are some pics of her costume. She loves getting dressed up! Here she is with a few of her buddies from playgroup.

Natalie Joy

Well, I decided a week of bad news was enough. Yes, I did miscarry (for anyone who didn't see the previous post), but we are still loving the beautiful girl we have! Here are her 18 month portraits (a little late). Sorry about the poor quality - they are scanned. If I normally send you a pic and you have a preference, let me know! Natalie had the stomach flu this week, which was not fun. She is so sweet even when she's sick. She was very cuddly! She got over it pretty quickly, but now she doesn't want to eat. Any experienced moms out there, I am really looking for advice! She is still eating baby food! (She only has two bottom teeth, though, so I have a hard time "forcing" her to eat real food.) I got this cat costume for her to play with, and she wanted to wear it the other day. It was pretty cute! The costume is old, but a kid in a costume is just plain cute! We went to the pumpkin patch today, but no luck getting a pumpkin picture! She's stil scared of the

His Way Is Perfect

When Tim and I decided to allow the possibility of having another child, I made it my prayer that the Lord would allow the pregnancy to happen in His time, not mine. Of course, I wanted to be pregnant right away (those of you who know me well probably know that patience is not one of my best virtues). I was concerned if we were really ready or not, but I was excited about having a second child. Last week when I posted the "Big Sister" picture, I had just found out that I was pregnant. As you will notice, that post is no longer up. I started having a miscarriage yesterday, and today went in for some tests and the doctor feels that I am losing this baby and the pregnancy. I will know for sure after some more blood work on Wednesday. I really am OK with this. Perhaps the emotions will hit later, but for now, I am accepting this as the Lord's will. My prayer from the beginning has been that this will happen only when the Lord deems it the right time. Obviously, June was no

Pictures From the Weekend

I did surprise Tim with a small party on his birthday. We had a ton of fun playing games with friends and family. While no one had confirmed that they were coming, we had a nice little group and he was surprised. I couldn't believe that I actually pulled it off. Here are some pictures from the party. We took Natalie to the mall to get her picture taken, and it was a near disaster. We finally got some decent shots when the photographer found a rocking horse. She was scared and then stubborn, but we finally got some. Afterwards we played in the play area. Here are some pictures of that. Of course, with it being fall we had to go to the apple orchard. Here are some pictures from that. Natalie loved it, but she wasn't impressed with how sticky her fingers got from the doughnut. And, for some reason, she is terrified of pumpkins! If you are reading my blog and don't regularly post, let me know you're out there!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Hey everyone! Today Tim turned 30! Wish him a happy day! Here's an old pic of the two of us!

She's So Funny!

Lately, Natalie has become so "talkative." I put that in quotes because I usually have no idea what she is saying. One phrase is quite clear, though, and that is "right back" (more like ra ba, but quite obvious). I say that to her all the time when I leave the room so she won't freak out, and obviously she caught on. She will tell me "right back" when she is going out far in the backyard, and she's pretty proud of herself. I bought some Fisher Price Little People toys at a garage sale when she was tiny, and I just got them out for her. She loves the animals, and I was sitting at my computer and looked over and she was making the funniest face! In her hand was a parrot, and she was trying to imitate it's face! Here's a picture of her "parrot face" as we call it. It was soooo funny! You can see the little red parrot in her hand in the one picture. I also gave her chocolate pudding for the first time recently. She loves it, but makes