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New Projects

Well, I've been pretty tired lately, but I guess I have good reason! We've been busy! Here are some pics of my old bedroom furniture recently redone for Natalie! I cannot believe how good it looks! I am just sorry I didn't take a "before" picture, but anyone who ever stayed over with me in Blue Springs saw this furniture. We found a date on the back of 1983, and I have to say, you cannot tell it is 20+ year old furniture now! The bed should be finished soon too, and then we will have pics of the entire "big girl" room! We finished painting the walls last night, so it is all coming together!

She's Finally Paid For!

I just had to share my good news! Tonight I scheduled the final payment on Natalie's hospital bill. (including birth and the whole NICU thing). I am SOOOOO excited! Once I finish paying my early pregnancy bill on this one, I will have $200 extra a month to put towards our debt. We will be out of debt someday!

Memorial Day Weekend - Fun in KC

We had a great time visiting my family in KC this weekend. I am not into American Idol, but man was Blue Springs jumping with David Cook stuff! I guess the winner was from Blue Springs. Anyways, highlights of the week include the following: Natalie saying "Jesus" for the first time. After church on Sunday she picked up my Bible and said, "Jesus, Bible," over and over. So sweet! I am hoping to start a class for her and other younger kids in our church soon, so hopefully she can begin learning. She's just not interested in Bible story books at home right now. We went to Paradise Park, an indoor play area in Lee's Summit. It was kind of pricey, but a great way for a two-year-old to burn some energy when it was raining outside. Natale loved grandpa's "super eggies." She eats eggs for breakfast every day, but my dad adds some potatoes and meat to them. She called them "super eggies" and had them for breakfast every day. She didn't li

Fun with Daddy

We've been enjoying the nice weather! Natalie loves to color outside with sidewalk chalk. We've been grilling a lot , and Tim will color with her while he grills. Here are the results: Tim traced her and she thought that was great. She would point to it and say, "Me!" She definitely got a bath after this fun day! Natalie is also quite fascinated by my headphones. She was wearing them the other day, and Tim put some sacred music on the computer (we're talking BJ , Wilds, etc.) She started "rocking out" to the music. Pretty funny! Natalie loves to go to garage sales. Here she is with some of our "finds." I don't usually buy stuffed things, because of the whole germ issue, but these Cabbage Patch dolls were only 50 cents and they are in brand new condition. I couldn't believe it! Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books Finally, I have found a solution to the toy clutter! Look at the newly organized toy area. Yes

New Hat, New Hairdo

I haven't put up many new pics in a while, so here are some. The first are from our museum class today. It was all about fishies . Natalie really enjoyed it. Making her fishy face. It looks surprisingly like her parrot face. Making gills with her hands. Jumping over the river. She helped the teacher pick up the river when we were all done. Here she is with her new hat. It's a Seward Garage hat, but she insists on wearing it backwards. So cute! I just wish I could turn off the drool switch so that rash would go away! I am not sure where she learned this, but she started hiding behind trees and "counting" like you would to play hide and seek. Here's the new hairstyle. She finally has enough hair for one pony tail instead of two. It keeps the hair out of her eyes, which is great!

Ok, Worried and Need to Vent

Ok , so this week has been really slow for my business. Actually, the whole time since we returned from Greenville has been slow. This time last year was slow too, but that's not the point of this vent. I've been looking for more work, something I haven't done in a while simply because I have been so busy with my existing clients. I have found the taste of rejection painful again. I hate looking for work because most of the jobs I apply for have 500 applicants or more. That means that unless I am the first one to apply or have something that really stands out, chances are I won't get the job. It's normal, but that doesn't mean I like it. Anyways, I finally landed a new client early this week. The pay is average, but not poor, so I was happy. Well, now I am thinking I'm gonna get taken. Everything inside of me screams that this guy is a scammer . The thing in this line of work is that there is tremendous amount of anonymity, so people can take your work,

Adventures in Potty Training Part 2

Well, apparently the potty is only interesting if it's in the living room. Today I insisted that it stay in the bathroom, and suddenly she has not interest in sitting on it. Oh well, we will keep trying!

Adventures in Potty Training

Ok , so we are not ready to officially start potty training, but Natalie has been giving me some pretty clear signs that she might be ready (as in, the other day after I was done doing my own business she practically begged me to put her on the potty.) So, today we were at Wal -Mart and we bought a potty chair. I told her we were going to buy a potty at Wal -Mart, and she kept asking me for a "purple potty." Unfortunately we were unable to find a purple potty, but we found a nice one that doubles as a step stool, so we got it. She was so excited about the potty, so as soon as the groceries were away we got it out. She practiced sitting on it several times with her diaper on. Then we went and did some other things. Later, I was changing her diaper and I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty with her diaper off. This was very exciting to her, so we tried it. I sang a couple of songs with her, and then the next thing I know she's yelling " poopy poopy " and