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Happy Birthday Megan McKenzie

She's finally here! Megan McKenzie Harms was born at 7:51 am. She was 21 1/4 inches long and 10lbs 4 oz (exactly double of Natalie). Lots and lots of hair too! Natalie seems to like her, and when the nurse took her away for the pediatrician checkup, Natalie got very upset! Mommy and Daddy pre -surgery She came out screaming! Hi Mom! Family picture! Big baby! Big sister dress. Opening presents With Tim's parents With my mom

One Last Estimate

Well, I had my last prenatal appointment today, and the weight estimate is 9 lbs 13 oz! The doctor said it could be off by a pound either direct, so we were right on estimating between 9 or 10 pounds. She still feels the c-section is the best option, so we are having a happy birthday tomorrow!

One Last Belly Shot

Here it is! This is the 9-month pregnant belly! In just three days this baby will be out!

Last Time with Just Us

My parents arrived safely tonight, but I have been a little nostalgic about this being the last day that we had to spend just the three of us. So we went to Krape Park in Freeport to spend some time with Natalie. We had a picnic, and she was talking about it all day - "Mommy, I'm ready for the picnic now!" It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures. On the carousel - she rode it 3 times. Feeding the ducks! So excited! Enjoying our picnic The food On the fire engine

A Little Scared Now

So I am a little scared about the decision to have surgery when it could be possible to not be necessary. Tim and I talked last night about it, and we have decided to pray that if it is possible for this baby to be born safely the "normal" way, then I will go into labor before Thursday. Otherwise, we are going to trust the doctor and take her advice. So you can pray along those same lines for me!

New Update

So here is the new story. As of this morning's ultrasound, she is head down. Honestly, I almost cried because I am finally to the point of being OK with the c-section, and was actually excited to have a "date" and then she flipped. Anyways, I managed to keep myself under control, and the doctor's first words were "So your baby is head down, but I am very concerned about her getting stuck." She explained that the baby's tummy is very round (she's chubby) and that compared to her head there is a good chance she could get partly out and get stuck. That can cause serious problems, including brain damage and shoulder distention (or whatever it's called). So, she felt the best course of action would be to stay with the c-section. I agree. So the date is still Thursday. If I go into labor before that and things look good, they will let me deliver naturally, but otherwise we will keep the baby safe by doing it via c-section. Also, I have elevated fluids

Surgery Date - More WAITING ARGH!

So I have a surgery date - Thursday the 31st! I really thought I could survive until Tuesday, but now we tacked 2 more days onto it. I REALLY hope I go into labor before then and we can get this over with!

Pictures from Today's Appointment

If you want the appointment details, they are below in the previous post. Otherwise, here are the pics I promised. She's quite chubby!

Appointment Today

Well, I had an appointment today. The baby is still breech (actually laying sideways). That means c-section. It has not yet been scheduled yet, but will probably be scheduled for next Tuesday or Wednesday. He would not do anything before that, because I am not 39 weeks. Everything else looks good. She's still big, but that's no surprise. I'll post more 3d pics later - you can see that she has fat cheeks! He said that I would only be on serious restrictions (i.e. no driving) for 1 week after surgery, so that made me feel better. My parents will be able to come for a while to help with Natalie so that will be a blessing. I am not scared, but I do wish that it was sooner. I am so uncomfortable! That wouldn't be so bad, but Natalie doesn't understand and wants my attention all of the time, so it is difficult to get rest. I am very thankful to have carried the baby to term, but I can't help wanting it over. There is, of course, the chance that she will flip betwee

Two Weeks and Dying Here!

Two weeks until my due date! I can't believe it! Yet I am dying. My next appointment is tomorrow and he did hint at trying to get something going this week, and I can hardly stand the wait until tomorrow! Yet, I am so afraid that the answer will be "wait a little longer." ARGH! Give me advice mommies about making the wait eaiser!

Jesus Loves Me

Here is the video! I also took a few pics of her completed room:

Yep, Still Here!

Yep, still pregnant (if anyone was wondering) Natalie enjoyed lunch out with a friend, and she asked what we needed for the new baby. I've actually been asked this a couple of times recently, so I thought I'd post a few things. We don't need much but we probably will be able to use: Onsies (the non-decorated kind for under clothes) - small and medium short sleeve, large long sleeve Bibs - Natalie was a major drooler and all of hers are gone because they are unusable. Diapers (size 2 or up), wipes, and other similar necessities like lotion and soap (no Luvs - Natalie was allergic to them so I'm going to steer clear) Infant toys - Natalie had very few and still plays with a lot of them and thinks of them as "hers" Baby washcloths Books (Natalie abused her infant board books) As far as clothes, I really don't know what sizes to tell people. She will be born late July/August and most likely won't fit in newborn clothes long if at all because of her size

Appointment Update

Today was my next weekly appointment. The good news is that my blood pressure was fine, so no hospital trip. Yeah for that! Also, the doctor that creeps me out is not there for a while due to a personal emergency. That makes me feel sooooo much better, because there is no possibility that he could be the one in the delivery room. However, the baby is breech and very big. The baby is measuring like 40-41 weeks. That puts her at 8 lbs 5 ounces. Those measurements can be off by a pound or so, but regardless, she will be close to 9-10 lbs when I am at my due date. So he doesn't really want to let me go that long, but the problem is that the baby is breech (head up). My doctor will not try to flip the baby, so if she is breech it will automatically mean a c-section. I'm not really afraid of a c-section, but I doubt that the doctor will want to schedule one early since there is always the chance that she could flip before I go into labor. So anyways, please pray that she will flip

Here She Is!

Here are baby #2's latest portraits. At my last ultrasound they switched over to 3D for a minute. She is sucking on her hand.

Happy Fourth of July

We have been having a good visit with my parents in spite of all of the trips to the hospital. Natalie enjoyed the Fourth-of-July. She was a little scared of the loud fire trucks during the parade and the loud fireworks, but she got over them quickly and had a blast. She also did great even without being on her normal schedule. This morning was another appointment. My bp was 160/104. They sent me to the hospital where it instantly dropped. It's frustrating. Hopefully this will stop happening. I am home now, not on bedrest, and the doctor thinks it could be just "white coat" blood pressure problems. I did get to see the baby again, and this time they did a 3D ultrasound, which was really cool. She was sucking on her hand. I will try to scan the pic later. Here are some pics from the 4th. The rest are on facebook for my facebook friends. Playing dress up with grandma. Gathering loot from the parade. Family picture, swollen me and all. Practicing Plugging her ears. Cute!


Well, my bp was still a little high this morning (140/90) which is not cause for hospitalization (yeah!). The doctor does think the baby is breech, so I am going back for an ultrasound and non-stress test on Monday. By then I will be close to 36 weeks, so if something is still wrong we are in the clear for the baby. I'm supposed to be resting as much as possible, which is difficult with 4th of July and a pastoral candidate coming, but at least my parents are here to help a little! Everything is ready, pretty much, so if we do meet this baby soon it's fine with me as long as she is healthy!

Slight Scare This Morning

Well blog readers, I did have a slight scare this morning. At my standard appointment my bp was 162/102, which is high. They sent me to labor and delivery at the hospital to be monitored. I was sent home after a few hours. Everything checked out fine at the hospital. Hopefully it was just a fluke, but I go back for a bp check on Thursday. If I can get one more week out of this pregnancy I will be perfectly happy! No bedrest, so I must not be in too bad of shape yet.