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Oh the Fighting

Growing up my brother and I fought. A lot. We fought all the time for parent's attention and because he was just plain annoying. I, of course, was perfect (just kidding!) Oh and then there was the he-is-better-than-me-at-everything jealousy issue. Joey and I are over five years apart in age. I kind of thought that was part of the reason we fought. When I was in High School, he was in elementary. When I was in elementary, he was a baby. We had little in common. That's why I wanted my children to be relatively close in age. I thought that 28 months apart was a good spread. These two little girls, my little angels. They fight. A lot. All. of. the.time. Here is what a typical afternoon is like in my home: I get out the toy or activity of the day and settle them in to play. Natalie sees what Megan has and the conversation goes like this: N: I wish I hand _____ like Megan (approaches Megan to grab said item) M: SCREAMMMMMMM N: Megan, stop that! M: (snatches back toy) N: MEG

Things I Learned on Vacation Part II

We just returned from a trip to see my grandparents and parents in Missouri. Here are the things I learned. Part 1 was written in August. 1. It will take the entire nine hours of the trip to watch one two-hour movie. (for mommy) 2. My tummy looks old (so says Natalie) 3. Grandma and Grandpa live in a really big house (so says Natalie) 4. A makeover at the mall takes a lot longer than 15 to 20 minutes. 5. Murphy's Law dictates that the time when a relative is offering to buy my girls Gymboree clothing, that makeover at the mall will make it impossible to come to fruition because we will run out of time. 6. Megan knows how to go down the stairs fairly safely, but mommy still gets nervous. 7. Wasp stings hurt a lot and create large welts. They hurt enough for a grown man to throw off his shirt in mixed company. Just ask Tim. 8. The chance to see my children with my grandparents is priceless. 9. Working while on vacation stinks but is a huge blessing - few people have jobs

Getting to Know Megan

My friend Janna put these items on her blog about her one-year-old, so I decided to copy her idea. Sometimes I think my blog revolves around my more vocal child, so here is a chance to get to know Miss Megan a little better! Dancing Style: I love to get jiggy , and I can bounce with the best of them. I think I am getting some good jumps in, but mommy says my feet are still firmly planted on the floor. Sometimes I get some arm motion any. "The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish!" Eating with a Spoon: I must have a spoon or fork when I am eating. Mommy doesn't give me many liquidy foods since I refuse to wear a bib, but I've got the fork thing down pat! Philosophy of Shoes: I love shoes. Sometimes I walk around the house with a doll's shoe on my toes. If I cannot get the shoe on myself, I will throw it at mommy and stick my foot in her face until she does it for me. Daily Mission: the day starts with finding the doggies and feeding them my cheerios. Once

Watch us grow!

Every year I get the girls' pictures taken at the pumpkin patch. Enjoy a little trip down memory lane! Natalie's first Pumpkin Patch trip - One year old Two Years Old Three Years Old Megan, three months old Megan, one year old

Daddy's Birthday

My wonderful husband and our adorable girls. Yesterday was Tim's birthday. He spent the day working and helping me clean the house. I have such a good man. I am so thankful for the godly helpmate God blessed me with. We have been through a few things recently as a family that have allowed me to see his character a little better, and I am blessed. I love you babe! Being Daddy's birthday and Natalie being older now, I decided to see if she had any ideas about his present. I asked her what she wanted to get daddy for his birthday. "Candy." "That's a good idea, Natalie. Do you think we should get him anything else" N: "Candy, and a shirt." Me: "What kind of shirt?" N: "A t-shirt." Me: "What color?" N: "Gray. That's what Daddy likes is Gray." So that was it. She never let go of the idea either. Candy and a shirt. Then a few days later we were driving and out of the blue she said, "MandM

Poop Patrol

With Natalie's recent tummy issues, I am in the process of collecting some stool samples. The doctor (and I) do not think that it is an infection, but we must rule out the possibility . This has led to an interesting conversation in the bathroom. I told Natalie to tell me when she needs to do the deed because I have to catch it, but I failed to tell her how I was going to catch it. I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when I hear "Oh no, mommy, you forgot to catch my poop!" I run in there to find a couple of little poos in the potty. "Do you have more poop?" I ask. My bare-bottomed babe doesn't answer. Instead, she points to the potty and says, "Scoop it up mommy!" Trying to keep a straight face, I show her the "hat" and explain that the poop cannot touch the pee so she has to poop into the special potty seat. I then ask again if she has more poop, to which she replies proudly, Yes! we equip the potty with the seat, and she does th