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Keeping Lines of Communication Open

My friend Janna is doing a blog series about Shepherding a Child's Heart. I am broke and do not have the book, but I will try to jump in when I can get it. Regardless, one phrase she quoted got me thinking. It was about how most children have emotionally left home by the age of 12. I had a wonderful home. I always knew my parents were there for me and I could talk to them about anything. Literally. I want that for my kids. I asked my mom one time why me and Joey have such a good relationship with them, and why she thinks we always felt we could talk to them. She answered that she always listened, even when we were two and made no sense. So, in light of what i have read from Janna's blog and what I have been meditating on, I have decided to have more open communication with my daughter, and to do so purposefully. Today, Natalie had a rough day. For some reason she was really tired, and she was struggling to be kind and loving with me and her sister. I pulled her aside, and

When Real Life Happens

As my children grow, it becomes harder and harder to shelter them from real life. Last week we were driving home from the park, and an abortion protesting group was demonstrating near an intersection where we were stopped for a light. While I completely approve of their cause and support it, this particular group had highly graphic images of broken baby bodies, and Natalie was captivated by them. So far, she hasn't asked any questions, but I was heartbroken, because those are pictures I would have much rather not have her see. Those are questions I am not ready to answer. Earlier this week we went to the park with some friends, and Natalie really enjoys these two swings at this particular park. I talked to her before we got there, because I knew I would not be able to keep Megan occupied near the swings for long. I told Natalie we would do the swings last, and that we would let Megan play on the baby things for a while first. I gave her my word. She did not whine or complain abo

She Did It!

Megan took five steps all on her own tonight! I'm so proud of my baby girl! I'll do a post about her birthday and party when I get time but I didn't want to overlook that milestone!

Things I Learned on Vacation

We just got back from a quick trip to KC. Here is what I learned: 1. Aiden is a good name (so says Natalie upon meeting a baby with the same name as her playgroup friend). 2. When you give a three-year-old privacy in the bathroom, proceed with caution if she is in there for too long. Yep, she pulled down my mom's wall paper. Sigh. I asked her "What did you do in Grandma's bathroom to the seashells on the wall" and she said "I broked them." Three days later. Yep, she totally knew what she did! 3. I have the world's greatest husband! He let me go all by myself to scrapbook with my mom and her friends for a whole day. This was AFTER taking bedtime duty so I could go to the movies and AFTER taking bedtime duty the night before so I could hang out with my friend Janna. 4. There are some people in the world who you will always feel close to even if they live 5,000 miles away. 5. Megan is much more flexible on her sleep schedule than Natalie. 6. K