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it's official

I am the mother of a thumb sucker! She also has to have her hands in her hair to fall asleep, then wakes up because she pulls her own hair when she twitches!

Megan's New Toy

I picked up Megan's Christmas present early - she's not in need of anything "big" but loves to kick so I thought I woudl get her a kick gym. I knew she would be rolling by Christmas so I thought I would get it now. Here she is enjoying it. She loves to 'talk' to the bear. Too funny. Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Costume Fun!

We enjoy dressing up, even if we do not enjoy all of the "extras" of this holiday. Anyways, here are my two favorite pictures of my girls in their outfits. To see the rest visit my facebook album at this link . I got some pictures of Natalie's little Friends, but for some reason I missed a few of them. Last night Natalie was up late and was quite grumpy. I had gone into her room to get her costume, and she saw me pull it out. She said, "Ballerina make me happy." We had to leave it in her room where she could see it. Potty training is still going well. Natalie has had a few accidents, but for the most part she is trained. Not at night though. I am definately looking for suggestions. megan is turning herself into a thumb-sucker. She pulled out her paci today and stuck her thumb in. Sigh - I was hoping not to have to cross that bridge!

My Sweet Baby

Well, Megan is nearly three months old. Here is a picture of her sleeping. Yes. tummy sleeping is a big no-no, but I let her nap on her tummy next to me while I work. She sleeps on her back at night. I took her to get portraits done this morning. Those are posted below as well. The video below doesn't do justice to how funny she was being last night. She figured out if she kicked her legs her bouncy seat would bounce. She was cooing up a storm and kicking and kicking and kicking, until I got the camera out. Natalie wanted in on the action at the end too! The mess in the background got picked up pronto after they went to bed, just so everyone knows! Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

so Far, So Good

Well, potty training is going well after two days. So far she hasn't had one accident and tells me when she needs to go! We even took a little trip "out" yesterday and she did fine. I don't know what i was afraid of. She's funny though - she gets a piece of candy if she goes #2 in the potty. That started when she was terrified to poo in the potty - on a side note to my mom readers who are ready to start potty training someday - candy is a bad idea because it's very hard to break that habit. Anyways, sometimes she gets very upset when she can't poo because she wants the candy. yesterday she successfully went #2 in the potty and got up and turned around to look at her rear and said, 'Thank you very much bottom!" Very funny! Megan is now entering 12 month clothing. I cannot believe it. For some reason it makes me sad that she is so big. She doesn't look like a little baby, but she's only 3 months old! She's very smiley though, especial

Potty Training Begins

So, I have made the decision - no more diapers for Natalie! We will still put on a diaper at night because she doesn't wake up to go, but during the day, panties, here we come! Yesterday we bribed her to stay dry at church and she did, then this morning she was watching TV and came to tell me she needs to go, so I know she's ready! Wish me luck! She's getting funnier and funnier! The other day we went on a wagon ride with some friends at an apple orchard nearby. I told her we were going on a hayride, and she said, "I LOVE hayrides! Mommy, what's a hayride?" Too funny. She's also getting VERY observant and listens to everything we say - hard to talk about Christmas presents these days! Which reminds me - anyone have a great idea for a little girl for christmas. We don't have room for the Rose Petal Cottage, but that seems to be a popular choice. Any other ideas? I need to upgrade her toys - she is outgrowing many of them it seems. Megan is doing well

Megan's Latest Stats

I took Megan for a check up a week or so ago and just realized I forgot to post her stats. She's a moose: Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz Height: 24 1/2 inches long. She's already wearing Natalie's six-nine month clothes, albeit inconsistently. Some things she can still wear 3-6 month, but not much. She seems to do best in one-piece outfits, because her torso is REALLY long and the shirt/pant sets seem to leave her tummy exposed. Other than that she is a healthy little girl!

A Quick Video

Here is a video of the girls singing. well, Megan is actually cooing, but it's still cute!

See How Much I've Grown!

Here are Natalie's pumpkin patch pictures from last year and then this year. She's sure growing! You can see my other pictures on Facebook. If you're not my Facebook friend post a comment and I will put the rest on here, but I think all my readers are my Facebook friends.