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Help Me Out Please!

Hi friends and family, I told you about my new gig, Qwickly , but I need some help. My topic, education, is not very popular. Would you folks be willing to bookmark this one and read my daily entries? (Well, almost daily, I'm only human!) I would like for my content to be voted on more frequently (you can vote at the bottom of every story) and have some comments on it as well. I want to make this gig work! So visit the link ( Qwickly ) and see what you like! Thanks! Have a wonderful Lord's Day! Nicole

God Is Good

Lately I have been learning a lot about trusting that the Lord knows what is best for me and for my family. Our church is going through some changes which have not been easy on me, and on Sunday we had a guest speaker. To attest to the power of music, I remember little of what was preached that day, but I will never forget the song that was sung. It was entitled "Bow the Knee," but there is another song with that title that many of you know, and it was not that one. This one was by Tom Fetke (for your benefit, brother Joey). Anyways, the speaker's wife sang it, and it really touched my heart. The basic idea of the song was that sometimes we see our path clearly marked out for us, and during those times it is easy to trust the Lord, but other times all we can see is the next step to take, not all the way down the path. During those times, all we can do is pray and trust. It was such a moving song, and there was hardly a dry eye in the place. Forgive me if I do not update

New Gig!

Hi friends and family! Check out my new gig! I am excited about this one. I post a 100-200 word blog entry each day, and I recieve 80% of the revenue from the advertising. I do not have to market (which I stink at! LOL). So check it out! Read my entries too, and rate them, if you want! Qwickly I am considering making a monetized blog (one where I post articles on a topic and recieve money from ad revenue). It's not hard to do, but I am having a terrible time thinking of a topic to write about ALL THE TIME! Any ideas? This is going to be my summer project, I think, so I have time to think it through! Honestly, I can write about just about anything (within reason). Oh, and Janna, here's a pic of myself. It's not one of Natalie's best, but oh well. Oh, and she's orange because she eats too many carrots (dead serious!)It's quite funny, but harmless!