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And By the Way

On the right hand side of the page under my profile is a link to some of my work. This site pays for every page impression, so please click on these links. My latest article is Postpartum Depression, One Year Later . You don't have to read it if you are not interested, but if you wonder "what it is that I do to work from home" those articles are a good sample of my work. Thanks for helping me out!

An Eventful Week

So, it has been an interesting week. I will post some pictures, but I am afraid they are a month or so old. I am just not good at getting pictures of my fast-running child. The biggest change for me and Natalie has been that I joined a playgroup. So far, everyone has been very friendly and accepting. Today we met with just the people in our age-specific group. We were at a park, and Natalie was copying everything the other kids were doing. It was pretty cute, and I think it will be really good for her since she is never around children. Last week we met at Sapora playworld, which is an indoor playcenter with tunnels and rope ladders, etc. They have one side that is just for "tiny tots" and Natalie really enjoyed it. We have also been attending a Wee Read story time at a local library. She really enjoys watching all the mommies and daddies getting into the motions of the songs. We got to do a "craft" on Monday, which consisted of me trying to keep Natalie from eating

18 Months Old!

Natalie turned 18 months this week! She had her checkup yesterday and is a healthy girl. She is in the 75% for height and 48% for weight, so, according to the doctor, she is tall and slim. She is behind in speech, so pray that I will have wisdom as to whether or not to pursue therapy. The doctor recommended having her evaluated, but I am not sure it's important since she did everything late and is only 16 months old developmentally. Here's a pic from this morning of my big girl!

New Video

Today while I was cooking dinner, Natalie was cracking me up! I had given her a couple of chocolate chips, and I think they went to her head! Check it out! Sorry it's so blurry - I need to learn to upload videos from our real video camera instead of the digital camera. She also gave her "I'm Scared" look, which she learned in KC. Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

First Piggies!

Natalie finally has long enough hair to do something with, and with my mom's help, I put it in Pig Tails this weekend. We are having a nice visit with my parents. Natalie is being much more pleasant this trip, and I had the chance to catch up with an old friend. It's amazing how with some people we are able to start right where we left off, even after four or five years. Jenny was my best friend in high school, and although we haven't seen each other since Tim and I were married, we still had a very nice visit. Here are some pictures of Natalie. We went to a place called Deanna Rose Farm , which was quite a bit of fun (AND FREE!). Natalie enjoyed seeing all of the animals, and had her first Popsicle! Here she is on a baby-sized bridge at the farm. She loved playing with the goats until one almost knocked her down. Here she is with her Popsicle. No, she didn't finish it - grandpa helped! All ready for church on Sunday!