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Guess What I am Supposed to Be Doing?

Napping! Yeah right, mom! I'd much rather be charming you with my bright eyes and smile!

This and That

We have had a busy weekend! It started actually on Thursday when Tim's sister and family were in town. Natalie loves her only cousin, and she had fun playing with Danelle. Not sure if Danelle had fun becuase she was very tired, but we did manage to capture a picture of the three girls, although it's not the best. Megan was hungry and the two older ones were tired! Saturday morning we went to a Health and Safety fair at one of the local hospitals. It was free and fun, so you can't beat that! Natalie rode a bike for the first time, which was fun. She didn't quite "get it" but she had fun. While we were there they had a big dressed up kangaroo character. Natalie was terrified of it. She literally tried to climb up my leg to get away from it. I felt bad because I couldn't pick her up because I was pushing the stroller. Each booth had little prizes and activities for the kids. She got to put on a finger cast and play life-sized Operation. She even won a

My First Time CVSing

Ok , so many of you probably don't know, but there is a huge blog network of people who use coupons and the CVS Extra Care program to get free and hugely discounted stuff. I have been following some of these blogs for a while, and I decided to try my hand. I was going to do it last week but had a rough week with bedtimes with everyone being sick, so I couldn't get to the store by myself. So this week I did it. This was my first time, so my savings weren't as good as some, and I messed up on one transaction and had to buy candy because my balance was negative, but I got $97.97 worth of stuff for $19.25! I am pretty proud of myself for my first time CVSing . Here's the loot I got, and yes, it is all stuff we need and use. It sure doesn't look like $100 worth of stuff, but makeup is expensive and I needed some desperately! I got my ideas for this week from this link . I had to improvise on some things we didn't need, and the fact that the Alieve Cold and Sinus is

Praise the Lord!

James 5:16 says, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." As many of you know, my grandfather (my mother's stepdad ) has been battling a very deadly form of bone cancer since before Natalie was born. We went to visit them when I was just first pregnant with Natalie because we did not think he was going to live through the first round of chemo. Well, nearly three years later he is still living. We have been praying, and praying hard, for the Lord to spare his life long enough for him to accept Christ as his savior. As I realize that not all of my blog readers share my faith, I feel as though I should explain. As Christians, we believe that the Bible is the only source of truth. Romans 10:13 says, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." This whole "being saved" business is quite confusing for those who are not Christians. I thought I would take a moment to explain, from Scripture, what this means.

Look What I Can Do

Miss Megan has a new skill - holding up her head! All that work wears a kid out! We are all getting healthy. Megan is still a little congested. Natalie is finally back to her happy self, as this video will attest. Pardon the lack of clothing - seems to be par for the course with potty training. If I would be more consistent she would be doing great with that by now! Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Welcome to the Sick House

It's been a long week. Natalie woke up sick Tuesday night. She was pretty miserable Wednesday. My mother in law came over to stay with her when I took Megan to the pediatrician. In spite of all of our efforts at hand washing and banning sister kisses, the bug has spread, to Megan's nose and my eye. Check out this picture: IT's pink eye and a clogged duct, but man does it HURT! Megan woke up this morning with a stuffy, runny nose and a cough. So we are all a mess. I tried to go to the store after my doctor's appointment today. BIG mistake! Megan screamed the entire time, Natalie pulled everything off of the shelf, and I was a frazzled mess by the time we left. I was trying to do a coupon deal, it didn't work, and all we left with was natalie's dinosaur. Sigh. Hopefully we get a really long nap time today! Here is a few pictures of each of the girls for the great grandmas to enjoy: At a friend's birthday party. She LOVED that cupcake!

Megan's Stats

Megan had her 1 month appointment today (she's actually 5 1/2 weeks old, but we got behind). I don't have much time because I am swamped with work, but here are her whopping stats: Height: 24 inches Weight: 14 lbs 9 oz!!!! Both are off the charts. She was in the 95% at birth, so she is growing very quickly. He didn't seem concerned. She looks like a 3 month old baby to me, though, except she doesnt' totally hold up her head yet. Natalie has come down with a head cold. She woke up last night saying her tongue hurt and pointing to the back of her throat. I hate that there is no medicine you can give to kids under 6! I just want to help her feel better! Please pray Megan does not catch it. Also, pray that I can get my deadline on Friday - Going "back to work" hasn't been quite as smooth as I would have liked!

She Did It! (Warning - Too Much Info!)

Well, Natalie had her first successful poopy in the potty today! I am sooooo excited! She has been getting stickers for going, but there were some special stickers (horse ones) that I have been saving for that crowning moment. Well, tonight she was bound and determined to get one. She sat and sat and sat and finally jumped up saying "I did it! I made a big huge brown poopie in the potty momma" Well, her description was a little off, but it was in fact a success. I put her in panties, and a few minutes later she had to go #1. So I figured we were done for a while. I was working on the dishes when I heard some grunting. I asked her if she needed to go again, and sure enough she did. This time was much "bigger" and she sat there staring at it going "Hi poopie, hey there poopie." over and over. I guess she's never seen a poopie before, but it was a little much. Regardless, we are getting there! Yeah!

Simple Joys of Childhood

Natalie loves to play outside, and far too often I tell her no because I don't want to play outside. I am trying to work on not telling her no unless there is really a reason (within reason of course) so we played outside today. She was so excited to do "two fings (things)" - playing with chalk and bubbles. I took some pictures and a video. Enjoy. Oh, and there is one square on the hopscotch game that is divided because she had to have a triangle! Funny kid! Oh, and lately she has been running around with a baby stuck to her tummy saying, "baby eat my tummy too. It have yummy milk in it." Perhaps it is the right time to teach her the proper name for certain parts, or maybe not. And then the other day we were having breakfast and we had eggs with bacon. She started singing "Jesus loves me." and I reminded her that we don't sing at the table but she managed to get in one more verse: Jesus loves BACON! Ha ha ha!

Stories by Natalie

Natalie has been making up stories. She will pick up books, or anything that resembles a book, and "read" it to Cookie, Bailey, Megan, or her toys. Her favorite story is "Once upon a time there was a little girl who got lost in the woods." That's it - she never gets found. Yesterday we had received a package from my Guamanian friend Janna and it had a package of bibs with princesses on it. So her story was (apparently they resembled a book to her) "Once upon a time there was a princess who found a baby dinosaur that was green. The end."