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A Child's Love

I think in some ways the first couple of years of parenting are the most rewarding, but in others they are drudgery. I love my child, but a newborn does not return that love. They demand and need, and as parents we give and love. Natalie has recently begun saying "Love you." It took me a while to figure out what she was saying, because it sounds like "I do." But, it's consistent, and I know now what she is saying. It melts my heart. She will say it when I tell her I lover her, but every once in a while she just pops out an "I love you." This has made parenting ten times more rewarding. Even if we have had a terrible day, fought the obedience battle over and over, she still loves me. Just knowing that makes all of the work of the last two years worth it to me. That and the fact taht this was not something I taught her to say or do. She did it of her own will and desire to express her feelings. That type of unconditional love is hard to find elsewhere, a

Five, Six, Pick up Sticks!

Natalie loves to help, and she loves sticks, so when the time came to pick up the sticks in the yard, we thought she would love to help. We were right!

Getting So Big!

Here are some pics of Natalie on her "big girl" bed. We are eventually going to have a twin bed for her in her new room, but I decided that making the switch from a crib to a bed would be easier on her in her existing room, and there is no way a twin will fit in the nursery as it is right now. So, we had this toddler bed anyway that we got off of Craigslist , so we set it up in her room. She has not yet slept in it, because she is a little fearful, but she loves to climb on it and pretend to go 'night night.' We're going to leave it in there a few days and then transfer her. Yes, this is a little early, but when you are the mom of a preemie , you want to get "prepared" for the new arrival a little early I think. Jumping on the bed is quite fun. This was my baby blanket. I think it looks so cute on the little bed! She had a hair in her mouth and started freaking out when I was getting her jammies on! Dress up time! The little skirt, tiara , and wand wer

It's a . . .

Well, the long awaited announcement is coming. We had the ultrasound on the 9th right before leaving for Greenville, and it's a girl! At least, that's what we are assuming since there was nothing "there." The ultrasoud tech at my clinic has supposedly never been wrong, so we're pretty confident. Bummer, though, becuase we have no name ideas! We had a great boy name! At least I will still get to shop for baby clothes. Natalie was born in the cold weather, and this baby will be born in the hot weather. When Natalie was in bigger baby clothes (3 month to 12 month) it was summer, but this baby will wear those clothes in the winter. So, basically, we have to buy a whole new wardrobe anyways. Ebay, here I come! Vacation pics are posted below for anyone who wishes to see.

Vacation Part 2

The entire crew. Everyone is here except my mom's dad. Natalie enjoying pizza. Not the best pic of me, but hey, the kid is cute! "Grammy come!" Natalie was trying to get my mom to come to her! Us. Saying "thank you" in sign language. She talks a ton, but she won't say the words thank you! Opening birthday presents (yes, a little late, but she doesn't know the difference!) She was a big fan of the "Fox in Sox" from Dr. Suess. Me and my brother Joey after the recital. My immediate family after the recital. Natalie loved running around the "dating parlor." Poor, sick little girl! Playing at the mall. She wanted to get out of the hotel so badly!

Vacation, Part 1

Well, we just got back from vacation in Greenville. The reason we went was to attend my brother's senior vocal performance recital. He did a great job! We also got to visit with two sets of grandparents on my side as well as my parents, so we decided to take Natalie. The morning we were getting ready she was super clingy and then started just laying around, which isn't like her. She felt a little warm, so I gave her some Tylenol and threw the thermometer into the suitcase. On the bus on the way to the airport she was very excited to see the planes and ride the bus. However, after about 30 minutes, she conked out. At the airport we had planned on letting her run and play, but she was a permanent fixture on Tim's shoulder. She was not feeling well! She slept and slept. When we arrived in Greenville she was so hot! We had a quick dinner with my parents and she was almost sleeping in her highchair. I was feeling so awful for her! When we got to the hotel and I could take her te