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Mommies - Hug Your Kids

I have an addiction, and probably not a healthy one. I seem to be drawn to blog stories about sick kids and babies. Recently I have found the story of Baby Stellan . It makes me so sad to see the struggles these mommies go through. Over the weekend I was so frustrated with Megan because she just didn't sleep well during the afternoon nap time. I have a decent amount of work to finish before we leave for KC on Wednesday. I got a little frustrated with Megan one time when she woke up and responded in a less than loving way (Think hollering at the baby for waking up - yeah, not proud of that one). Anyways, these blogs have reminded me that life is but a vapor, even for children. I am going to work harder at enjoying my kids and showing them that I love them each and every day, no matter how crazy they make me! If you are a mommy, hug your kiddos extra tight today!

Mommy Guilt

Ever experienced it? Today I am. Natalie was coloring on her chalkboard in her room and Megan came crawling in saying "mamamamama" (the only thing she says these days). Natalie said, "I'm not momma, meggie (her nickname for her sister) Mommies don't color, they work." Hmmm, I most certainly can color? I admit, work has been busy the last few days as I am earning the money for our next KC trip, but does my child really think all I do is work? Finding the right balance is so hard! Ahhhhhhhhgh! the Mommy Guilt!

A Friend Worth Keeping

Have you ever made an unexpected friend? I have. You can meet her at her blog . My earliest memory of this gal is from junior high or early high school. She had a perm. I had short, unruly curly hair. We were returning from an infamous "bus trip," either with the youth group or the high school, I cannot remember. I was anxious to get off the bus, but I was near the back. I was trying to push my way to the front of the bus, and this gal had her legs across the aisle. She would not move. I was so very annoyed. I don't remember much of the conversation, but I remember being so very annoyed. Sounds like the great basis for a friendship, doesn't it? But God has a great sense of humor. As we moved upwards in the high school, high school girl pettiness stepped in. I had a good friend, and this gal was her best friend. That meant that she was better than me in the High School hierarchy that we all know is so pointless. I disliked her, but only because she held the covete


My children bring me so much joy, and these pictures show that they can experience joy too. We enjoyed a wonderful vacation with my family, and I did take work off for the most part and was able to relax along with them. No sick kids this time either. Neither girl was impressed with fireworks. Natalie Loved the poppers, which is what the picture is from, but beyond that she was not impressed. She was even scared of smoke bombs. I was a very fearful child. I remember forcing my parents to leave a Wild West show at some amusement park because there were guns and I was scared. I wonder what the best way to parent my fearful child is? I do not want to force her to do things she is afraid of, but I don't want her to spend her life riddled with fear. God has not given us the spirit of fear, yet she does not yet know God, so is this promise something to teach her? This is something to pray over, I believe. Natalie's imagination is blossoming. It is so much fun. I love seeing her