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My Writing Leads

Hello all, As promised, here are the places I write for. I have been asked where I landed my curriculum writing job. FreelanceWriting is a site that has a job board named Online Writing Jobs . It was in the higher paid section that I found my job with the curriculum. This job board has one problem, though. They have many, many people who want to pay $1 for a 500 word or more article. When I first began freelancing, I took these jobs, because I thought this was all there is out there. However, I am learning that there are many more places out there who are willing to pay if your work is quality. That being said, I do check their job board daily, as this is where I found the clients I am the most happy with, with one exception. A new site I have just found is Deb NG's site. She goes through CraigsList and many, many other job boards and picks good, high paying jobs. However, she has many followers, so I have as yet to land a job through her site. I am trying to polish my cover l

Why I Love my Chiropractor

I love my chiropractor ! Let me tell you a little story! Right before we left for Missouri, Natalie took a tumble off the couch. She was scared but fine. When we were there, I fell down the stairs while holding her. Again, she was scared, but intact. I did end up quite bruised, but I was able to get in to the chiropractor I used to use, so I was OK. When we got home, Natalie was quite fussy for several days. She has a cold, so I chalked it up to that. For those of you who do not know my daugther, Natalie is almost never fussy. On Friday, she gave her grandma Harms a terrible time. I was not sure what was wrong, so I got a pediatrician appointment to check for an ear infection. Nope. Ears were clean. So I decided it was teeth. After her nap, she would not stop crying. She was screaming and screaming and absolutely miserable. I called the chiropractor. They got me in. She cried the entire way there (yes, it is an hour drive - hey, he's good!). She cried while we were there, and she c

Hangin' With my Great Grandma

Here is a picture of Natalie with one of her Great Grandmas. We are in Missouri enjoying some time with my parents and my dad's parents.

Books Are Fun!

Here is Natalie doing her favorite activity - Reading! I think it is one of the cutest things she does, and I finally snapped some pictures of it! Enjoy!


So, Natalie still has hives. I cannot figure out what is causing them. No, we have not changed laundry soap. No, she has not eaten anything new, since Saturday , and No, I have not put any new lotions or creams on her. The benedryl is taking care of it, I just wish I knew what was causing it! Help Please!

Yeah! I Finally Did It!

Who's That Baby in the Mirror? I'm Messy, but I'm Cute! Hi Everyone! I finally set up a blog! Yes, I had a different one, but this one I intend to keep up with! With Natalie nearing her first birthday, it is high time I keep friends and family updated with her shenanigans! She is a handful, but we love her! OK, so what's new? Well, Natters has two teeth! And, yesterday she broke out in hives! That was fun! She is a jabbermouth, we only wish we knew what she was saying! She is crawling and starting to stand while holding on to things. Her favorite activity is "reading." I know that sounds strange, but this child will sit on the floor with a book for a half of an hour, turning the pages, and not making a sound. It is music to this teacher's heart! I cannot believe that a love for books is showing already! Books are by far her favorite toy! My writing is going exceptionally well! I am working hard on a fourth grade history curriculum, that is keeping me busy