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Out of the Mouth of Babes

Natalie has had a lot of questions about church lately. On this Sunday, the pastor mentioned that next week would be the last week of a Sunday school contest before we "close it down." Natalie piped up (quite loudly) "They're closing down the church? Why mommy?" The same Sunday there was a baptism at church. Natalie is just now at the age where she is in the service for part of the service time instead of in the nursery, so she has never seen a baptism. She asked "Why did he dip that boy in the water?" I told her I would explain after church, but she wouldn't let it go. I had to leave the service to explain it to her because she really wanted to know. Maybe that's not the best parenting method, but next time I will be sure to explain anything "different" before we get to church! She's so inquisitive. I have a concern though. Christmas is coming. We don't "do" Santa . It's just not part of our Christmas. She g

Being a Mommy Is Hard

Being a mommy is hard because you need to know what is best yet don't always know. Natalie struggles with tummy issues, and they are really painful for her at times. I want to fix it, but I don't want her on a bunch of drugs or to put her through a bunch of testing for them to slap a label on it and not give me an answer. The chiropractic adjustment helps, but never solves, so I have decided something further needs to be done. Some have suggested probiotics, and I am going to put both girls on them. Natalie for her tummy issues and Megan for her multiple times on antibiotics. But the "best" ones are expensive and you wonder if the cheaper ones work. I would love to take her to a holistic doctor, but am not opposed to taking her to her regular doctor. I just don't want to traumatize her with testing and specialists if it's something like a need for probiotics or a simple dietary adjustment. The chiropractor suggested making her diet more "natural"


Last night I had a pampered chef party. I didn't know what to do with the girls so I sort of played it by ear. They did great - played with daddy some of the time and hung out with the ladies some of the time. Everyone was saying how good they were, and when I was tucking Natalie in I was trying to compliment her on her excellent behavior. I said, "Natalie, Mommy's friends told me you were such a good girl. It makes Mommy happy when people see you being good. Did you have fun at Mommy's party?" Natalie's response: "But Mommy, they said I was sooooooo pretty!" I guess even at three we have the need to look good as ladies ;)

Toddlers and Preschoolers Praying

Before I go into my post let me give an update on the "why" question - Natalie and I talked and I explained that I get frustrated when she asks "why" and I don't know the answer, so we decided to work together to think of different questions she can ask. The last two days have been so much better, with her asking plenty of questions, but ones I could answer. We are both much more content, but I have seen it helping her because she is actually getting answers to the questions on her mind, which are very real and important to her. Natalie has suddenly shown an interest in praying. We are letting her, but it raises questions in my mind. We have never required her to pray, or even required her to do any "motion" while we are praying. We simply require her to be quiet while we pray out of respect, but I feel that making her fold hands or bown her head could be making a little Pharasee out of her. The question I have in my mind is this: Is it bad to let h

Why Why Why????

Sometimes I feel I get frustrated too easily. This was the conversation we had after we saw a big gorilla balloon decorating a neighborhood (it was part of the Parade of Homes is the only thing I could figure out) Natalie: Look Mom, a big giant monkey! Mom: Yes, that's pretty neat. Natalie: Why is it there? Mom: I don't know. Natalie: But why did they put it there? Mom: Natalie, Mommy knows nothing about the gorilla. All I know is that it is there and it is a balloon. I do not know why it is there. Then we talked about how fun it would be to have a giant gorilla in our yard. On the way home we passed it again. Natalie: Why is there a gorilla there? SERIOUSLY? Does she think I suddenly, magically learned the reason? Mom: Natalie, let me explain this to you. I do not know anything about the gorilla other than where it is and what it is. I do not know why it is there. Natalie: But mommy, why is it there? Mom: I don't know Natalie: Why don't you know? that is

Megan Turns One (A Little Late on the Posting)

Newborn (yes she was BIG!) I realized I have not posted much about my Megan in a while. She turned 1 on July 31 and started walking about two weeks after that. My 10 pound 4 ounce baby has not slowed down in growth at all! At her last appointment she was over 27 pounds and measured 31 inches, I think (sadly, I forgot the actual measurements) She enjoyed her first birthday party and actually seemed to understand about the presents. Now, she is walking and almost running everywhere! Unless she is tired, hungry, or sick she is a fairly happy baby. She's not talking much yet, but she definitely says Momma, and grrr (which refers usually to the dog but sometimes other animals). She can say Dadda but doesn't do it consistently. She's also trying really hard to learn to use a fork. That will be a blessing when she figures it out because I think she will be much less messy at meal time! One Week Old Megan tries to do EVERYTHING her big sister does. Today I was finishing up a bl

You Never Know . . .

What will come out of this child's mouth! Especially when she is in the bathroom. Today, for instance. She walked into the bathroom, then hollered out: "Mommy, when I have a baby will I have it in the same hospital where you had Megan a long, long time ago?" Mommy: "Well, if you live here in this town you might, but I don't know where you will live. That is up to God and your husband." N: "Oh. When I grow up, I am going to go to the church and dance, dance, dance, right mommy?" Mommy: "You mean get married?" N: "Yes! And we will dance!" Mommy: "Well, you don't really dance at the church for your wedding. You stand there in a beautiful gown and get married. Your husband will wear a suit." N: "But mommy, suits aren't for getting married. They're for swimming!" Mommy: "Well, a swimming suit is one kind of suit. Go look at mommy and daddy's wedding picture and you will see the other

On a Lighter Note. . .

So my last post was a little melancholy, so today I have a question. What would YOU do with a raccoon? According to Natalie: "Take care of it. I would love it and hug it and pet it!" This is the pet she wants. "I really wish I had a raccoon Mommy" And tonight, Natalie tells Tim, "Daddy, you are incredible!" I think so too baby girl! He is amazing!

Things Aren't Always as They Seem

Ok, I admit it. I am one to take things too personally. I am constantly fearful of what others think of me. I think it stems from the damage that occured to my psyche as nineth grader when I saw a note indicating that I was "the nerdiest" in the class (you know, those lists of "most popular, most likely to be married first, etc.? I was "most nerdy" according to someone whose name I have long since forgotten) Yes, that had a lasting impact on me, and I tend to read way too much into things. I am not proud of this and it is a sin that I fight regularly, but it is who I am and why I am writing this post. I have been thinking lately about some stuff. I am realizing as I mature (I'm not 30 yet, so I still have a ways to go in the maturity department, right?) that things are not always as they seem. That person who brushed you off may be distracted because a family member they love is gravely ill, which has nothing to do with you. The friend you envy because of