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Miss C's Birth Story

The surgery to deliver Carlie Grace was scheduled for Thursday, May 17 at 12:30 pm. I was not a happy camper about this time, seeing as how I could have nothing to eat or drink since midnight the night before. That’s not so bad if your surgery is at 7 in the morning, but noon? On the way to the hospital, I realized that I just didn’t like the name we had picked. So, we changed it. I thought naming Miss M two days before she was born was bad, but this baby was named on the way to the hospital! We arrived at the hospital two hours before the surgery as requested, only to be informed that an emergency c-section had delayed our surgery time by a couple of hours. We were ushered into this huge room to wait. The room, which was actually larger than the surgery room, had a bed and IV supplies in one corner, a closet in the other corner for other supplies, and in the third corner was a toilet. The toilet was not in a separate room. No, it was simply separated from the rest of t

The Finish Line

Today, I had my last prenatal appointment with my wonderful doctor. It was short and sweet. Baby didn't pass the NST but she passed the long ultrasound so no worries. She's head down, contractions have begun, and she could come any time between now and my scheduled surgery Thursday. I am feeling a tad emotional. This has been a very long, drawn out process. I am so grateful that none of the horrible complications that she was watching for happened. Sometimes, I feel a little foolish for being worried now that we are "done" (although there is still a risk of developing HELLPS or Pre-eclampsia in me after delivery), but when you have been down that path before, it is hard not to remember everything when similar things start happening. Baby is almost here. I am almost ready to hold her in my arms. I have been longing for this day since November of 2010 when we said goodbye to our last baby so suddenly and so unnaturally. There have been so many emotional ups and down

A Letter to Baby Girl

Dear Baby, We are so ready to meet you! In just a few short days, you will be here. You have a family waiting to greet you with open arms, a daddy ready for you to wrap around his little finger, and two big sisters who are waiting to teach you all about fancy shoes, princesses, and ponies. Most of all, you have a mommy who cannot wait to hold you. I have been waiting for this day for two long years, ever since your little brother or sister was taken from me so unexpectedly. You are loved, you are wanted, you are treasured, and you are not even here yet. I am ready to breathe that sigh of relief when you are finally here, safe and sound, and complications are no longer a concern. The doctor says you have a lot of hair. You look chubby in your pictures. I envision you look like your big sister Miss M, more so than Miss N. Will you have brilliant blue eyes like M, piercing, thoughtful gray-blue eyes like N, or green eyes like your momma? Will the name we have chosen for you fit? I&

38 weeks update

Here it is. My last pregnancy update. I don't think I will make one next week with baby coming the day after. It's been a long, somewhat eventful pregnancy, and I cannot wait to meet this new little princess! I also cannot believe that she will be here NEXT WEEK! A week from tomorrow. At this point, all of the extra testing just seems silly, but I suppose it is worthwhile to ensure we are not missing something obvious at the very tail end of this process.  How far along? 38 weeks! Maternity clothes? Yes, and frankly, none of them fit. Miss N told me yesterday, "Um, mom, I think you need to get some longer shirts." Baby has dropped and it's hard to cover the belly up! Sleep: Not too shabby. Best moment this week: Spending the morning with my sad baby girl. She is much better now! And my bp did not spike. Movement: Steady and strong. Milestones: I think she is finally head down and planning to stay that way. Gender: Girl Labor Signs: Nothing