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She did it!

Well, Natalie said her first sentence! I am so proud of her! She was excited about something I did for her that I didn't think I would be able to do, and she said, "Mommy, you did it!" She's been saying "I did it" for a while, but it sounds like one word, so I wasn't sure if I should count it! I guess we are over our talking issues. Here are some pics of her and Daddy playing playdough. I'm not sure who had more fun, Tim or Natalie!

He Is Risen!

We had a very nice Easter. This was Natalie's first Easter that we did anything other than getting dressed up. She's been sick, but she seemed OK Sunday so we did go to church. Now I am wondering if it was a good idea because she has lost her voice! A two year old with larangitis is pretty funny! After the morning service, we came home to have lunch with Tim's parents and grandma. Before lunch we let Natalie look for Easter eggs. She did a good job. I put stickers and little toys in them. Her Easter basket had a fluffy doggy in it, and she walks out of her room and says "cool!" (kewel). It's her new word, and I must admit it is one of my favorites. Here are some pics from the day! Yes, I am 21 weeks pregnant in this picture. Sigh. Anyone with great ideas about getting your body back post-pregnancy let me know in about 19 weeks.

Natatlie's Latest Stats

Hi everyone! I don't have any pics to upload because the battery was dead in the camera this week when I went to take some, but Natalie just had her 2 year old check up and I thought family might want to know her stats. She is a healthy little girl! She was very good at the doctor and got her first sucker after her shot. She didn't understand why she couldn't bite it, and we made sure it was in the garbage before heading to the van, but she enjoyed licking it for a while. Height - 34 3/4 inches (75% for her age) Weight - 26 lb 11 oz (50% for her age) She is talking up a storm! She repeats everything we say now, and it's pretty cute. She recently mastered the word "puppy" and loves to point out every dog we see! She also likes to say "I tall" when she climbs up on something. This week we went to a two-year-olds class at the local children's museum. The night before I told her we were going to go to the museum and learn about ducks. She has an

Birthday Party Part II

We had a little party for Natalie and her friends in her playgroup. We enjoyed brunch, play time, and cupcakes. One highlight of the day was when Natalie was opening presents. I told her one present was from her friend Isabelle. She dutifully took the present over to Isabelle. I guess we need to work on learning "for" and "from." It was pretty cute. She's really got the presents thing down. Here are some pics of her friends. I'll leave names off for their mommies. You should have seen the mommy behind me doing a silly dance to get them to all look at her. In spite of that, one little girl is not in the picture. Oh well, getting that many two year olds (and a one year old) to cooperate with pictures is definitely a challenge.

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today we celebrated Natalie's second birthday. It's actually tomorrow, but we had the party for friends and family today. She had lots of fun and got some nice presents. Thanks everyone! Some gifts include a wheelbarrow and watering can for outside, art supplies, playdough, three baby dolls, and lots of puzzles! We let Natalie have pop tonight for the first time. I gave her some rootbeer in a special cup. She took a big drink and made a horrible face and spit it all over herself. We also tried orange, but she didn't like that either. Oh well! I felt bad, though, because she REALLY didn't like it. She was like, "Mom, what are you giving me?" When I lit the candles she kept saying "off off off." She wanted me to turn them off. She really had a lot of fun, especially playing with the bigger kids from church. She said "hi" to everyone too. She did end up with marker all over her pants, but hopefully washable Crayolas work as advertised! Her