Happy 7th Birthday Miss N (VERY Late)

In the last four months, life has been a whirlwind. We found out in January-ish that moving into a larger home was very much a possibility. Thus began a scramble to find a home, move and find renters for our current home. I'm thrilled to say that God caused it all to line up perfectly, but in the midst of that all I realized I failed to do Miss N's seventh birthday post.

This year in March my oldest daughter turned seven. She's making the transition from little girl to just "girl." I can't really call her little anymore, even though she is short in stature, and probably will be my shortest as they grow.

Turning seven has brought a bit of maturity to my child. It's also caused a spunky, fun-loving side to really come out. She always has something to say, and always thinks her idea is the best. Often, I must admit it is, which is challenging as a parent who wants to teach modesty and the ability to not manipulate but to appreciate others. When you are always right, it's harder to see other people's view. But we're working on it.

This year, Miss N:

  • Learned how to read chapter books
  • Moved for the first time
  • Stopped napping for real
  • Learned how to read music
  • Learned how to swim
  • Learned to write stories

All in all, she is turning into a delightful child. I can't believe I've been a Mommy for seven years!
Day 1

Age 1

 Two Years Old
Three Years Old

 Four Years Old!

Five years old!

 Almost six years old

Seven Years Old

Dear Miss N,

Wow, you're seven. Seven seems so grown up. You've even started to transition away from baby dolls and tea parties and into Legos and constant art projects. You're even starting to outgrow Princesses, at least Disney ones. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.

This year you've really changed. Some of your sass has turned into sweetness, and you're starting to gain real empathy for other people. You're also starting to realize the motivations behind your actions, and want to control them better. We've had some sweet conversations about how to be a big sister. Don't worry, sweet girl, mommy understands. Your Uncle Joey was pretty exasperating too at times.

You've really started to become your middle sister's best friend. I don't think you realize how much she looks up to you, even when she's being, well, a little sister. You are a huge help with your baby sister too. You're blossoming into a beautiful, conscientious, but fun-loving young lady, and I couldn't be more proud.

One of your biggest accomplishments in recent months has been performing at the school talent show. You had a simple piano piece, but you got up there and played it like a champ. I couldn't have been more proud. I think I was more nervous than you were! Practicing isn't your favorite thing, but when you buckle down and do it, you're seeing real progress.

You've started to get more of a desire to get into God's word too. I'm trying to get consistent to have devotion time with you, time where we read scripture together, just us. It's not easy to carve out the time, but you're quick to ask for it when I forget. I pray that I can cultivate a love for your Savior in you as you grow!

This year you've experienced heartbreak. You learned that one of your best friends will move away. You're taking it better than I expected, and I'm thankful you are able to make new friends quickly. You also embraced the new girl in your class and became great friends with her too. It makes me proud that you are willing and able to open yourself and let new people in, so they don't feel lonely. 

You are a great writer. I love to read the stories you write, and I hope that you will always love to write stories. Who knows, maybe you will be a writer like Mommy some day!

All in all you are a beautiful girl who loves to have fun and lives life to its fullest. I love you and am so proud to be your mommy!

Happy (late) birthday Miss N!


Cheryl Habegger said…
that age 1 pic is absolutely adorable (hole in the sock and all :)). I do need a copy of it!
Exciting to see them grow and mature, though I think I become more and more sentimental every year.....we're more than halfway to 18 here now!

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