It Gets Better!

I know there's probably no one left who reads this blog, but I want to say one thing to encourage those parenting a difficult child.

It gets better. Shower them with love and be as consistent as you can, and it gets better.

If you have been my Facebook friend for a few years, you may know that there was a very difficult period with one of my children when she was in the toddler and early preschool years. There were days I questioned my sanity. There were days I questioned (my mom can attest to this) whether or not I was fit to parent this child. I recall vividly sitting on the floor in the hallway on that nasty blue carpet in our old house crying because I didn't know what to do, while she sat on the other side of the wall screaming and throwing a tantrum I was sure would cause the neighbors to call the cops. I recall far too many times I lost my temper because I just didn't know what else to do. I was even told once that it didn't appear I loved this child (I did, fiercely, but it was HARD)!

Even up until this past summer, we had our moments. Knock-down-drag-out fits that rivaled anything you could imagine happened regularly. These were the types of fits I always said never happened to children who were properly loved and disciplined in my pre-child years, and here they were happening in my own home!

Then, quite suddenly, it all stopped. Not to say that we don't have occasional battles of the wills, I think all kids do, but the severity of it all has diminished significantly.

And then something surprising happened. Now, I can say that this child is a true delight to my heart. She makes me smile almost every single day, has the funniest things to say and truly cares about the needs of others. Almost every day I get a picture of me, her and lots of hearts, just because she loves me. She never fails to surprise me with her caring attitude. Today she was in tears watching a Christmas Mickey show because Mickey yelled at Pluto and sent him out and Pluto ran away.

If you had told me three years ago that the screaming, flailing child at my feet would turn into this sensitive, caring creature, I would not have believed you.

It gets better. That difficult child can turn into a real joy to your heart.

Just keep loving her.

I'm so glad I did!


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